✨Blog Update✨

What have you been up to during the Covid-19 pandemic? I spent most of it in an Area-level service position in Al-Anon that kept me very busy & for that I am extremely grateful!

Truth is, I wanted to post entries throughout 2020, but every time I did, I would read my last post from December 2019 & think “I can’t top that!” The view of the future I had at that time was so uncanny… given that the world would be upside down 3 months later! I still return to that post over & over for some sanity & to remind myself of how I felt. (If you’d like to see the Dec 2019 post for yourself, click here.)

In the meantime, you might have noticed this blog has a new design look & new website address: www.calchatblog.com! Feel free to look around & explore. Also, I’m lining up new guests to resume the “CAL Chat” podcast & just finished revamping & updating all the show notes for each episode. Here’s where you can see those at the podcast’s new website address: calchatpodcast.com.

I’ve learned a ton & will be playing catch-up on this blog with all the stuff I’ve wanted to post. So much left to do so much fun still yet to have on my Al-Anon & Alateen adventures! **Hang tight for yet another creative venture I’m currently working on. I’ll have an announcement about that very soon.**

Furloughed Alcoholism— To see the full-size pic of this quote (and others), visit: www.instagram.com/​CALChatFan1

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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