About Me

MY FIRST Al-Anon meeting was March 23rd, 2005.  I know this because the very first piece of Conference Approved Literature (“CAL”) I read was from the daily reader “Courage to Change.”  The selection for that day made such an impact on me, it has become my favorite piece (by far!) & a guiding force in my life.

Because the seed of my program began with a powerful book, after 2 years as a Group Representative & Treasurer for my home group in Florida, it was only natural that I stood for the Literature Chairperson position for District 6 which lasted from 2012-2014.  My position as Literature Coordinator for all of the North FL Area was from 2015-2017, however, I’m an avid reader & with this blog & my new “CAL Chat” podcast (www.calchatpodcast.com) that I started in July of 2016, I hope to share my journey & joy for CAL (as well as service work) until I run out of things to say & read!  See: purpose of this blog.

For my recovery to be strong & deep, I have miles of words to read before I sleep



Questions or comments are always welcome!

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