Purpose of this Blog

1. An extension of my service work;
2. Meant to be short & anonymous;
3. My own personal views & opinions – no one else’s;
4. A way to explore & celebrate Conference Approved Literature (“CAL”), service work, & Al-Anon Family Groups in general;
5. About having fun!

1. An advice column;
2. Meant to be long, about gossip, or boring minutia (i.e. what I ate, the weather, etc…);
3. Summaries of the literature or stand-alone reports of events;
4. A substitute for actually going to a meeting!;
5. About making things harder.

My goal is to read through the entire Al-Anon/Alateen CAL Catalog & share what I’m learning along the way.  I will always be mindful to respect the Traditions in this blog & only describe what the program does for me – not what it can do for you.  For that, you need to experience it for yourself: www.al-anon.org

Happy Reading

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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