N. FL Spring Assembly 2013 – Day 3 of 3

Today was the last day of the Assembly & it was great to spend some time with another Literature Chairperson from a different District to answer questions & compare notes.

Smiley with microphone

WHAT I LEARNED: If I have something to say during the Red Light/Green Light session, I need to get to the microphone faster!  What I wanted to say at the mic was that when I visit groups without Group Representatives, I try to announce that you don’t have to be a Group Representative to attend the District Meeting.  Everyone is invited & welcome!

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  1. Martha M says:

    I was disappointed to miss the Sunday sessions and Red Light Green Light. Emergency called me home. I’ve always looked to this R/G Light session as a great way to close out a busy, informative, business Assembly week-end. Oh… if I could just hear the questions, research and discussions….or maybe there will be some comments here to fill me in on …. what was learned. Thanks for your terrific blog service Pat. !

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