CAL – A Guide for the Family of the Alcoholic (Item # P-7)

A Guide for the Family - P-7 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This is the sixth pamphlet in the general Al-Anon Newcomer Packet (item # K-10) & is one of the few examples of early “outside literature” being grandfathered into the CAL catalog.  It was issued in 1962 & is primarily based on an article by a non-member: the former director of the Charlotte Council on Alcoholism.

2. This pamphlet focuses on the disease & reads like a mini dissertation on its psychological effects.  The “bad check” analogy is fantastic!


**BONUS CAL QUESTION: A few years later, a talk from the same author of this pamphlet was also used as the basis for another pamphlet which just happens to be my top seller…  What pamphlet is it?  (Hint: see item # P-3!)

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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