CAL – The Al-Anon Family Groups (Classic Edition) (Item # B-5)

Al-Anon Family Groups Classic Edition - B-5 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I knew this was Al-Anon’s first book that was printed in 1955 & that Lois Wilson intended this to be our “Big Book.”  What I didn’t know is that the first draft was just going to be a pamphlet & now this re-issue from 2000 is actually several versions of this book in one.  If I wanted to read the original 1955 text only, it’s the first 100 pages.  The remaining 100 pages are all the revisions throughout the years that are listed under Appendix II – & yes even the appendixes have footnotes!  With such a heavily annotated book, it reminded me of my college days where I wasn’t so much as reading, but studying changes made through history.

2. I love the hand-written inscription by Lois on page 7.  It’s like she signed this book just for me.  If you don’t plan on reading this book, at least check-out this one page because it’s really a message from our co-founder to any member – so it’s for you too!

3. Apparently I’ve been saying the Serenity Prayer wrong for quite some time – but that’s ok, because in 1960 it was added to the introduction incorrectly, so I’m not the only one.  🙃  Page #104 shows the incorrect words underlined.

4. Lastly, one of my favorite parts is the personal stories section where I’m reminded that in this program I need to focus on “being” instead of “getting.”

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