WORKSHOP – Ocala – Day of Service Workshops

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Today I got my learnin’ on by attending several workshops given by North Florida Area officers.  I now have a better idea of the service work they do for us & that they’re involved in a lot of conference calls!  Ha ha 😆

2. Usually at Area Assemblies, I listen to the coordinators’ & officers’ reports & think “I wouldn’t be able to do that.”  But now, I think I could!  Plus the workshops also left me with a better understanding of the different positions at the District level.

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  1. Martha M says:

    What a neat NFA workshop today, learning and getting better understanding of how Al-Anon gets things done. And, yes, how true, hearing the service work explained from North Florida level, does help so much with understanding district service. It was fun seeing you there. Martha

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