CAL – Youth & the Alcoholic Parent (Item # P-21)

Youth and the Alcoholic Parent - P-21 thumbnailLast week I finished the Professional Packet (item # K-30).  (What I learned about all the other items in that packet can be found in previous entries for the general Al-Anon Newcomer Packet (K-10).)   This week, I’m starting the very last packet, whew!

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This is the second pamphlet in the Alateen Newcomer Packet (K-18).  (The first one was “Facts about Alateen” (item # P-41) that I blogged about last week.)   It covers some brief info about the Alateen program, but it’s mostly frequently asked questions by teens about their parents & explains six slogans that might help.  If I was using this pamphlet for outreach purposes, I’d hand it out to kids, rather than adults.

2. This is one of the few pamphlets that was revised this year, 2013, & it’s gone through quite a bit of changes since 1991.  It looks like it’s been re-written to focus more on “we” than “you,” some outdated language has been taken out, the layout is much better, & the website is more prominent.  Overall, it’s such a great improvement, I think I’ll only sell this new version from now on.  I’ve scanned an image of the new version & posted it with this entry.


***UPDATE (8/7/22): You can see an early version of this “Youth & the Alcoholic Parent” (P-21) pamphlet in my video for the years 1956-1957 from my CAL Timeline board on my “CAL Chat” Pinterest account.

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