CAL – Alcoholism, the Family Disease (Item # P-4)

Alcoholism the Family Disease - P-4 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This pamphlet is another example of outside literature being “grandfathered” in.  A big “Thanks!” goes out to a non-member, Harold Black, & the initial Kentucky & Arizona groups for their contribution to this one.  Per “Many Voices, One Journey” (item # B-31) (see page 104), it’s been around in various versions since 1952, but 1961 is the first publication date found on the back of the pamphlet because that’s when it was introduced as a “merged” pamphlet with new material from the Literature Committee – which probably explains why it’s 31 pages long!

2. There are several sections: Personal Stories, Slogans, Do’s & Don’ts, FAQ’s, World Service Office, Alateen, & the 12 Steps, but my favorite ones are: the Checklist to Evaluate Maturity, Thoughts to Live By, & Three Obstacles to Success in Al-Anon.  I remember hearing about the 3 obstacles, but could only remember 1 of them until I read this pamphlet.

3. At the beginning of this pamphlet, there’s a quote from a person I consider the ultimate non-Al-Anon member: Bill W.  The quote is funny, but in a sad way too  😢

4. FYI: This pamphlet sold for 25 cents in 1954.  Going back to my online inflation calculator, the cost today (in 2013) should be $2.17, but it’s only 80 cents.  Such a deal!


**BONUS: This is the only pamphlet in our CAL Catalog that is available in a large print version – see item # P-4L.

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