CAL – Al-Anon, You, & the Alcoholic (Item # P-2)

Al-Anon You and the Alcoholic - P-2 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This pamphlet first came out in 1965 & is filled with 22 frequently asked questions & after reading it, I think it could definitely be used for outreach purposes – even though it’s not categorized that way on the World Service Office (WSO) website.

2. This is the first pamphlet where I’ve noticed the website address listed on the back is for the members’ site (rather than the WSO site).  After a little digging, I found quite a few pamphlets that have the members’ site listed.  Somehow I just assumed that everything had the main WSO website on it


Prisoner**BONUS: When I bring outreach literature to correctional facilities, they have to be staple-free.  Besides this particular pamphlet, did you know that about 80% of Al-Anon’s pamphlets have no staples?  Of those, 36 of them are in the “outreach” category that can be dropped off at jails or institutions.  Just food for thought to chew on!

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