CAL – Why Anonymity in Al-Anon? (Item # P-33)

Why Anonymity - P-33 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: This pamphlet is a mini lesson on Traditions 11 & 12 & gives examples of anonymity from different angles.  How can I tell that anonymity is one of the most important principles of this program?  When it’s broken that’s how!


**UPDATE (11/13/13): Keep a look out for an updated version of this pamphlet in June/July 2014.  It is currently being revised to include electronic media & social networking!

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  1. Sharon E. says:

    For those who are tempted to gossip, this can hurt someone. A simple thing such as mentioning to someone outside the meeting, “Did you know she has two children, and she seperated from her husband a month ago” or “Did you know she has child who drinks alot.” This breaks their annonymity. I think we need to be ever mindful of this. I, also asked permission to share that my husband in in recovery before I said anything about him in our meetings. I have to admit earlier when the anger seeped from my pours, I didn’t care if I broke his annyminoty. Now through Al-anon i learned to respect myself as well as others. as well as forgiveness plays an important role in my life. Good topic my friend.

    Miss your sweetness.

    1. Pat A. says:

      Thanks – your points about respect & forgiveness is what I needed to hear at this point in my life!

      1. Sharon E. says:

        Bless you. You’re doing a great job!

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