CAL – Al-Anon Fact File (Item # P-36)

Al-Anon Fact File - P-36 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. For the professional community of the 70’s, they would have received this “Al-Anon Fact File” (item #P-36) in a PR kit as a coated sheet.  To reduce costs in 1980, it became a “self-cover” & is still a good outreach tool that explains Al-Anon’s public relations policies by paraphrasing the Traditions for the uninitiated (ha ha).

2. This is the first pamphlet I’ve come across that finally mentions the internet in the anonymity sentence: “At the public level of press, radio, TV, Internet, & film”  (And yes, internet was printed with a capital “I”.)  I’ve been waiting to see if this was listed anywhere in our literature & here it is!   From what I’ve seen lately though, Tradition 11 won’t be officially changed anytime soon to include the word “internet” because it’s considered covered under the word “press” but the word “TV” wasn’t added until 1960 & networks had already been broadcasting for more than ten years, so I’m still holding out hope!

3. This pamphlet also lists 8 “vital elements” to recovery in this program.  Vital element #3 is my favorite.


**BONUS CAL QUESTION: This “Al-Anon Fact File” pamphlet is third to the last on my lowest sellers list.  What’s my absolute lowest selling pamphlet?  (Hint: see item # P-59!)

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