CAL – Detachment (Item # S-19)

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WHAT I LEARNED: This leaflet started out in a World Service Office newsletter for professionals to educate them on how Al-Anon uses the word “detachment” but this outreach piece soon became a runaway hit with members for their own personal recovery.  At a meeting last year, I heard this leaflet read aloud & the first 4 paragraphs sounded almost like a prayer.  I have not been able to read it any other way since.


**BONUS: An electronic version of this leaflet can now be downloaded directly from the World Service Office website by clicking this link: Detachment leaflet


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***UPDATE (8/7/16): This “Detachment” leaflet  is now featured on Episode #2 of my “CAL Chat” podcast where the guest shares how she uses it for outreach purposes!

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