CAL – Forum Favorites, Vol. 4 (Item # B-9D)

Al-Anon's Favorite Forum Editorials - B-2 thumbnail
1970 Version

Forum Favorites Vol 4 - B-9D thumbnail
1993 Version

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. To see the early beginnings of this multi-volume book, we have to go back to an AA event, specifically the International Convention in 1970 where it made its debut as a hardcover book: Al-Anon’s Favorite Forum Editorials” (item # B-2).  (Side note: Al-Anon didn’t start having its own International Conventions until 15 years later!)  Margaret D. spent 20 years editing 229 Forum magazine issues & this was a collection of her best editorials.  In 1982, the book was re-titled, printed as a softcover, & split into Volumes 1 & 2 (item # B-9A & item # B-9B respectively).  Volume 3 (item # B-9C) came out in 1991 & included editorials from the past 4 editors.  For Volume 4, which came out in 1993, members submitted so many of their favorite articles that the editorial committee only considered pieces that were published between 1954 & 1979.  The reason I bring all this history up is because there originally were plans for a Volume 5 that was going to be based on sharings from 1979 through the present, but WSC denied this motion in 1994 & all 4 volumes were eventually discontinued in 2000.  I had such fun reading this book that I think now, in 2014, it’s high time to see Volumes 5 & 6!

2. This book was so refreshing like having a cool sorbet after so many meals of meat & potatoes.  At 144 pages total, it quickly covers main principles of the program as well as new ways to look at the Steps & Traditions.  My favorite article is “The Prince Frog” that begins on page 37 & tells how warts can come & go whether we’re still living in a swamp or not. 😉

3. Even though this book is no longer in print, I’ll be donating it to our District archives chairperson so she can add it to her lending library for others to check-out & enjoy a literary palate cleanser!

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