CAL – As We Understood… (Item # B-11)

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WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Based on its size, this book looks like it might be a daily reader, but it’s not designed that way.  The purpose of the book was to share members’ sense of the spiritual (not religious) nature of the program.  It doesn’t focus on any one particular Step & I’m glad for that.  I can’t remember now what book I read it in, but someone once asked Lois W. which Step was the spiritual one & she replied back that they all were!

2. The book expresses various understandings of a Higher Power & goes much deeper into different types of spiritual awakenings than “Having Had a Spiritual Awakening” (item # B-25) which came out 13 years later.  There’s also a definite pace set that starts off slow with chapters that explore concepts such as “Fellowship” & “Moving Toward a Spiritual Awakening,” eventually ramping up toward the finish line with “Practicing the Spiritual Life.”  (Or maybe that’s just my perception of it because I seemed to not be able to put the book down as I got closer to the end!)

3. My favorite line is from page 77: “I feel that my Higher Power isn’t one particular route in my life.  To me, He is the whole road map.”  And I love the reinterpretation of the Serenity Prayer near the top of page 213!


**BONUS: Per “Many Voices, One Journey” (item # B-31) page 246, this was the first book to include the slogan “Keep Coming Back” even though it had already been said in the fellowship for many years!


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***UPDATE (12/14/16): “As We Understood…” is now featured on Episode #6 of my “CAL Chat” podcast where this book is discussed even further!

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