CAL – Alateen Talks Back on: Serenity (Item # P-69)

Alateen Talks Back on Serenity - P-69 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Ahhh, put on some soothing music & light a candle because today I read about Serenity (and yes, that’s with a capital “S”)!  At the end of this booklet are ten questions for meeting topics on Serenity & the last one, “Is Serenity contagious?” really made me think.  I know I’ve definitely “caught” it from my Sponsor even when I was in no mood to be serene.  How nice it is to know that some things in this program don’t have to be worked at, struggled for, earned, or deserved.  I can get it just because it’s infectious from healthy people!

2. My favorite line is from page 12: “Recognizing the world answers to its own Higher Power is inviting serenity’s peace to embrace me.”


**BONUS: A subscription form to Alateen Talk (no item #) can be downloaded directly from the World Service Office website by clicking this link: Alateen Talk Newsletter Order Form

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