CAL – Alateen Talks Back on: Sponsoring an Alateen Group (Item # P-71)

Alateen Talks Back on Sponsoring a Group - P-71 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Since it’s part of the “Alateen Talks Back On series, I thought this booklet was going to be Alateens talking about their group sponsors, but nope! Other than a few drawings from kids here & there, it’s basically a piece by & for grown-up Al-Anon members sharing about Alateen service.  I’m guessing it didn’t really serve the needs of Alateen members & didn’t quite reach its target Al-Anon audience because it came out in 1993 & was recommended for discontinuation in 2000 due to poor sales. 😔

2. All that being said, I did learn something new! 😊 It’s the five S’s from page 16: “Steps, Serenity Prayer, Slogans, Sharing, & Sponsorship.”

3. My two favorite lines are both from page 25:

“This is another area of service that the more I try to give back what I’ve received, the more my debt increases.”

“Since I became a member of Al-Anon, I have been attracted to any situation in which I feel the presence of my Higher Power, & I have felt this presence strongly & frequently in & around these wonderful Alateen members & Sponsors.”


**BONUS: A subscription form to Alateen Talk (no item #) can be downloaded directly from the World Service Office website by clicking this link: Alateen Talk Newsletter Order Form

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