CAL – A Meeting on Wheels (Item # G-22)

G-22 Guideline

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Apparently a meeting on wheels has nothing to do with food or meals on wheels. Ha ha! 😜 It’s basically 3-4 people holding a “mock” meeting to show non-members & professionals (doctors, social workers, counselors, etc) what kind of help is available in the rooms.  Rather than just leaving outreach pamphlets & materials (that might be thrown away), this method brings a meeting to others & hopefully makes more of a lasting impact.

2. This guideline referenced a few AlAnon films I had never heard of: “Our Conference-approved videocassettes, ‘Al-Anon Speaks for Itself’ & ‘Alateen Tells It Like It Is’ may be shown beforehand.”  It turns out item # AV-10 & item # AV-16 respectively have been discontinued but what I learned (while going down the rabbit hole researching them) will be in my next blog entry, so be sure to stay tunedrabbit



G-22 updated guideline

**UPDATE (5/5/17): This guideline was revised in 2014.  An updated electronic version of this guideline can now be downloaded directly from the World Service Office website by clicking this link: G-22 Guideline

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