CAL – Forum Favorites, Vol. 2 (Item # B-9B)

Forum Favorites volume 2 - B-9B thumbnail
1982 Version

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Since I’m reading the entire discontinued “Forum Favorites” series from most recent to oldest (see my previous entries for Volume 3 (item # B-9C) & Volume 4 (item # B-9D)), this Volume 2 (item # B-9B) came as a shock because it was immediately apparent that every story was in the same exact voice.  It’s not a compilation of writings from different members like I thought all the books were!

Al-Anon's Favorite Forum Editorials - B-2 thumbnail1970 Version

2. Volumes 1 & 2 were originally one book called “Al-Anon’s Favorite Forum Editorials” (item # B-2) that debuted at AA’s 35th anniversary international convention in 1970.  In 1954, an early volunteer, Margaret D., became the editor of what we now know as The Forum magazine (which originally started as just a newsletter in 1950) & per page 66 of Many Voices, One Journey” (item # B-31), Margaret held that post for “20 years & 229 monthly editions.”  Lois Wilson suggested Margaret write an “inspirational article” for each edition & of those, Margaret chose 180 as her favorites to be included in the book that spans 1954 to 1969.  It wasn’t until 1982 that the book was retitled & split into two soft cover volumes.

dancing-smiley-face-emoticon3. Volume 2 starts from page 137 at July 1966 & offers a glimpse back in time to when people were dancing the watusi & the frug (I had to look this one up!) as well as memories of the Clearing House, Lois W., “the AA’s”, World War II, & the hard work involved with getting alcoholism accepted as “a disease & not a disgrace” (page 253).  I also learned of 2 slogans Al-Anon once had that have since fallen away: “Twenty-Four Hours a Day” & “But for the Grace of God.”

4. Here are some of my favorite quotes from Volume 2:

From page 180: “Even the desert blooms.”

From page 217: “any kind of listening is better than continual talking.”

From page 242: “Al-Anon responsibility is forward.”

From page 193: “Al-Anon must be boundless while there is one case of alcoholism not arrested.”


**BONUS CAL QUESTION: What other Al-Anon book was written in just one voice?  (Hint: see item # B-7 that is still in print today!)

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    Thanks for your service, Pat. Keep up the good work😊

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      Will do! Thanks for the kind words!

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