N. FL Area Convention 2016 – Days 1 – 3

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Sanity is having the appropriate reaction to reality.

2. When things aren’t going your way, try not having one.

3. Life is only borrowed, & one day you’ll have to give it back.

4. I don’t take Steps 10 & 11 to make me feel better, I take them to make me actually better!

5. If the sentence doesn’t have my name in it, then it’s none of my business.

6. Wherever I look there is my Higher Power.

7. If they mind, they don’t matter.  If they matter, they don’t mind.

8. I’m not getting paid extra for worrying.

Smiley reunion9. Conventions are my yearly family Al-Anon reunion!!!


**BONUS: The new website is now up for 2017’s convention in Tampa Bay.  It will be August 25 – 27th, 2017.  See you there!!


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