PODCAST – Intimacy In Alcoholic Relationships / Just For Today Bookmark (Item #’s B-33 / M-12)

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EPISODE 12 of my “CAL Chat” podcast is now available to listen to!  How can it be easier to share about sex?  How can spiritual solutions be brought into intimate situations?  What new upcoming Al-Anon literature is on the horizon?  (To hear this episode, please visit the show’s website at: www.calchatpodcast.com – or you can subscribe to it for free on any of these sites/apps: iTunes, Google Play Music, iHeartRADIO, Stitcher & TuneIn — and you’ll be notified every time a new episode is posted.)

Al-Anon International Convention 2018 Baltimore Program Booklet - thumbnailIntimacy in Alcoholic Relationships - B-33 thumbnailTerry Anne shares, in part 1 of 5, about the brand new book “Intimacy in Alcoholic Relationships” (item # B-33) that came out in 2018 at Al-Anon’s 6th International Convention.  We discuss the workshop she once gave on the topic of sex, the different types of intimacy covered, & my strange experience with this book.

In part 2 of 5, she elaborates on communication from Chapter 3.  She explains how she has used this book in her personal life in recognizing & moving through old behaviors.  We also discuss how labels & biases can hinder intimacy & that this book is an example of our evolving Al-Anon program.

In part 3 of 5, she sums up the new book in 3 words!  I reveal my favorite sections from pages 18-19 & the story of loss on page 118 that still stays with me.

Just For Today Bookmark - M-12 thumbnailHer pick (in part 4 of 5) for her favorite outreach piece of literature is the bookmark “Just For Today” (item # M-12) & we talk about how it helps puts the focus on ourselves, not the alcoholic.  Then we pull out our 2018 World Service Conference Summary (item # P-46) to dive into page 51 regarding the new upcoming bookmark “Just For Tonight” (item # M-81) that originally came from the August 2016 edition of “The Forum” magazine.  To download the free “2018 World Service Conference Summary” so you can see page 51, visit: www.al-anon.org/pdf/P46_2018_web.pdf.

Forum August 2016 issue - thumbnailIn part 5 of 5, Terry Anne highlights new upcoming Al-Anon literature & explains how the slogan chosen for the 2018 World Service Conference applies to her own personal life.  To submit your suggestion for your favorite Forum article that you’d like to see in the new upcoming book, email it to: wso@al-anon.org – in the subject line, be sure to use the working title “The Forum Book” & they’ll also need to know the title, month, & year in which the article appeared in the magazine.  Visit this podcast’s website, www.calchatpodcast.com, to download & print out a PDF form if you’d like to send in your suggestions by regular mail.  Lastly, to submit your sharing for the new Daily Reader visit www.al-anon.org/for-members/members-resources/literature/literature-resources & click on the blue button that says “Send Your Sharing.”

CAL Chat show on Instagram**BONUS: If you’d like to follow the “CAL Chat” show on Instagram, visit: www.instagram.com/calchatfan1 or search #CALChatFan.  It’s a different way to enjoy Conference Approved Literature.  So, as always, I hope you enjoy & happy reading!

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