CAL – Al-Anon’s Best Sellers of 2020

This week I recently received my hardcopy of the new 2021 World Service Conference Summary (item # P-46).  Pasted below are images from pages 85-87 that show some stats for 2020’s best selling Al-Anon books, booklets, and the Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism 2020 (item # N/A) outreach magazine.  I find it interesting to see how the sales differ between the three languages (for example the only Alateen book in these lists shows up in the French sales) and it’s amazing how much the magazine sales dropped off during the pandemic! 😮  Perhaps I need to be grateful there were any sales at all of that magazine! 🙇‍♀️

2020 CAL Sales - English

2020 CAL Sales - Spanish

2020 CAL Sales - French

2020 CAL Sales - AFA Magazine(If you’d like to see the best selling books/booklets of 2019 for comparison prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, click here.)

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