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EPISODE 13 of my “CAL Chat” podcast is now available to listen to!  How is a pandemic similar to recovery?  What Al-Anon audiobooks are available?  Can a book also be a picture frame(To hear this episode, please visit the show’s website at: calchatpodcast.com – or you can subscribe to it for free wherever you get your podcasts & you’ll be notified every time a new episode is posted. 📲 🔔)

Before I go on, I wanted to let you know that this is the longest episode I’ve ever done.  The guest & I talked for 3 hours – we laughed a lot we got weepy we went deep.  But who has time for 3 hours???  This podcast is meant to be like hanging out for the ‘meeting after the meeting’ where we talk for just a little bit, so each segment is only 20 minutes or less.  It just happened to edit down to a total of 11 segments.  I hope you’re able to go with us to the end & listen to all 11 parts when it’s convenient for you.  As a side note, this Episode 13 has the distinction of having the most bonus content material which you’ll find links to the individual parts on the show’s website listed below…  

From Survival To Recovery - B-21 thumbnailPart 1: Diane explains why the title of the book From Survival to Recovery: Growing Up in an Alcoholic Home” (item # B-21) is so appropriate, how it helped her tell her own personal story, & experience authentic joyfulness in her life.  Also, find out why we both can’t use highlighters when reading Al-Anon books!  *Bonus content* for part #1. 

How Al-Anon Works Part 2: She describes how cycles of violence & “predictable darkness” affected her while growing up in an alcoholic home.  We touch on the story “Authorities Frightened Me” from page 253 (or 255 depending on the book’s edition) in From Survival to Recovery” & Chapter 5 (“Becoming Aware” on page 21) from How Al-Anon Works” (item # B-32).  Lastly, I learn how a book can be a picture frame!

Part 3: Diane shares how she feels From Survival to Recovery” is one of the most relevant books during the Covid-19 pandemic.  She talks about what she does after climbing a high recovery mountain & we discuss one of the benefits of the pandemic with regards to literature.  *Bonus content* for part #3. 

Part 4: In From Survival to Recovery,we focus primarily on the chapter “Untangling Confusion” from page 269 (or 270 depending on the book’s edition), the infamous “Promises” section from page 267 (or 269 in the first edition) & the book’s very last chapter on page 287 which leads to an idea for a possible workshop.  *Bonus content* for part #4. 

Part 5: Diane’s favorite book to use for outreach is the softcover version of How Al-Anon Works” (item # B-32) & points out how intimate individual outreach can still be done in an electronic (telephone/chat) or virtual (video) meeting. 

Part 6: She details how she uses How Al-Anon Works” for outreach in a broader sense – especially in an extensive relationship-building project that just started.  Find out how doing outreach is like mining gold!  

How Al-Anon Works - Spanish / Cómo ayuda Al-Anon Part 7: Diane lists all the Spanish versions of books (such as How Al-Anon Works” / Cómo ayuda Al-Anon (item # SB-32)) that she’s also included in the Area’s public outreach project.  We talk about cross-germination & unintended ripples outreach can sometimes have*Bonus content* for part #7. 

Part 8: We discuss the importance of libraries & how doing outreach is not a duty but a privilege.  Additionally, she reminds me why I need to go back & listen to my own podcast!  There’s a special *bonus content* hunt for part #8.  Can you find the mystery section in the How Al-Anon Worksbook?  Happy hunting! 🕵️

Part 9: I compare the audiobook of How Al-Anon Works” (item # eA-22) to the print version.  A moving story about suicide, Chapter 27’s “Finding Reasons To Live,” is highlighted because of what it taught me about expectations when listening to the audiobook version.  Lastly, an update is given on all Al-Anon audiobooks available.

Part 10: She mentions how this podcast inspires her to try something new (like the audiobook version of How Al-Anon Works”) & always reminds her that she has choices.  She reveals how the vision motto “Dream Big” applies to the long-term outreach project she’s working on, more virtual recovery avenues we want to explore (especially for outreach purposes), & how a pandemic is similar to recovery.  

Part 11: Diane wraps up the conversation about the beauty that springs from the book How Al-Anon Works,community-building, & doing outreach/Twelfth Step work.  She delivers an emotional “Last Words” section which leads to an exchange of heartfelt gratitude & I reveal the reason why I’ll keep doing this podcast for the rest of my life. 🤗


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It’s a different way to enjoy & celebrate Conference Approved Literature.  So, as always, I hope you enjoy & happy reading!

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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