CAL – Anne’s Story (Item # P-66)

Anne's Story - P-66 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Although this is a discontinued pamphlet, in my search for more info on Anne B. (the other co-founder of Al-Anon Family Groups), I was glad to find that there was a piece of CAL just dedicated to her.

2. I had no idea that she & Lois W. were neighbors.  It seems like it was just meant to be!

3. An untitled poem by Grace Noll Crowell appears near the end of this pamphlet listed as “Anne’s Favorite Poem.”  The poem is so beautiful & full of humility & grace, that if this was all I was given as an explanation of Anne, it would be enough.


**UPDATE (12/21/21): I researched in the World Service Conference Summaries that this pamphlet came out in 1991 (for Al-Anon’s 40th anniversary) & was discontinued in 1989 since it was combined with the previously discontinued “Lois’ Story” (item # P-11) into one pamphlet that is still currently available: “Al-Anon’s Co-Founders” (item # P-87).  So I wondered if the untitled poem by Grace Noll Crowell made it into the Co-Founders pamphlet, but it didn’t.  I also couldn’t find the poem online anywhere, which I felt was a great loss – especially to Anne’s memory. 😔  For that reason, I’ve included it here in this blog.  Click here to see it: Anne’s Favorite Poem.

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