CAL – Al-Anon’s World Service Office (Item # S-30)

WSO - S-30 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. The World Service Office has a fitness room!!  Where else would I learn this type of info?  Ha ha 😜

2. It seems every department, with the exception of Administration, is supported by 1 or more volunteer committees.  The Membership Outreach (not to be confused with Public Outreach) department has the most at 4.


Al-Anon Mobile App

**UPDATE (8/12/20): This item # S-30 has not been able to be ordered because it’s been “under revision” for about 8 years — but now there is something better…  You can take a virtual tour of the World Service Office through Al-Anon’s mobile app that just came out today!  I haven’t had a chance to check out the fitness room yet (ha ha), but I did go down some hallways & peak into some offices.  Simply amazing! 😮 More to explore

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