WHAT I LEARNED: The second debut of my Al-Anon poem went better than I thought it would. (If anyone from World Service Office is reading this blog, check your email inbox & I hope you enjoy it as well!)  …Keeping my fingers crossed that it will make it into our literature & possibly trigger other members to realize they’re poets & don’t even know it!

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  1. Martha M says:

    Oooooo….. Poem…..Sounds interesting. Do you plan to post
    the poem on your blog? Or did I just not find it. Or…must we wait til WSO chooses it for a CAL publication. Yet another asset, talent, gift you have my dear.

    1. Pat A. says:

      No plans to post my poem on this blog, but check your e-mail inbox – I just sent it to you! …And thanks for the compliment!

  2. Patty L. says:

    Thank you for sharing your poem at the District 6 Meeting. You are a poet and I know it! Also, thank you for all of the work you do as Literature Chairman.

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