CAL – Has Your Life Been Affected by Someone Else’s Drinking? (Item # S-20)

Has Your Life Been Affected - S-20 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: This is the third item in the Professional Packet (item # K-30) & is a leaflet of 20 questions that I’m presuming the professional would give to a kid to see if Alateen is for them.  If only the counselor I was forced to see back in my high school days would have given this to me!   Because I always find myself wishing that I would’ve learned about this program earlier!!


Smiley with smart phone**BONUS: This questionnaire is just 1 of approximately 80 items that are available electronically.  Many are from the Outreach materials category & are great for sending to someone that prefers reading from their phone!   Visit either of these 2 sites to download free literature: Al-Anon Literature Store or Al-Anon Members’ Website.  Click this link to download just this S-20 leaflet from the World Service Office.

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  1. Sharon E says:

    The thing about this is when we look back to the “If Onlys” or possible “If Onlys” nothing would have worked. Everything right on time when it’s suppose to happen. This is what I believe. This keeps me from having regrets.

    Take care.


    1. Pat A. says:

      I guess I meant that now that more AFG electronic literature is available in this digital age, I hope teens today will be able to get info about the program easier & quicker than I did!

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