MTG – Orlando – “Today’s Hope AFG”

Mind exploding

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I was a speaker again tonight & now I know the term I was looking for the other day that describes the feeling at the end of my story – when people come up to me with tears in their eyes – & the person I thought I was not reaching, is the one that is the most affected & asks for my phone number! Mind-blowing.    That’s what it is.

2. I just wanted to take this moment to thank my Higher Power because the Al-Anon angel sent to me for my very first Al-Anon meeting, was in the audience today.  I’m overjoyed that my HP has once again re-connected us & that she got to hear how important she is to my story!!!

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  1. Sharon E. says:

    Hi PAT!
    i loved reading this blog. I never had the pfiviledge of hearing you speak. I should never say never. Maybe one day.

    Love you. You are indeed very special.

    In Al anon Sistership.

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