CAL – Are You Troubled by Someone’s Drinking? (Item # S-17)

Are You Troubled - S-17 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This is the fourth item in the Professional Packet (item # K-30) & is one of my top selling outreach items – now I can see why.  This questionnaire is written very broadly so it can apply to anyone affected by alcoholism – including adult children of alcoholics & kids that might be thinking about Alateen as well.

2. This item could almost double as a list of coping mechanisms, games I played, & the emotional impact of my attempts to control the uncontrollable.  So if someone asks me “What were you like before the program & what did you do?” I can hand them this leaflet & say, “Here’s a list of 20 things just to start off with!”


Smiley with smart phone**BONUS: This questionnaire is just 1 of approximately 80 items that are available electronically.  Many are from the Outreach materials category & are great for sending to someone that prefers reading from their phone!   Visit either of these 2 sites to download free literature: Al-Anon Literature Store or Al-Anon Members’ Website.  Click this link to download just this S-17 leaflet from the World Service Office.

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