CAL – Alcoholism, a Merry-Go-Round Named Denial (Item # P-3)

Merry Go Round - P-3 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. How great would it be to give a talk at an Al-Anon workshop & it goes over so well, they want to turn it into a pamphlet?! 😲 Well that’s what happened in 1968 to one non-member: the former director of the Charlotte Council on Alcoholism.  This pamphlet was published a year later &, since then, has only had 1 revision in 2003.  A new “historical perspective” preface was added (& I’m guessing that’s when the World Service Office website info was included too), but other than that, the original text is the same.

2. By far, this is my #1 selling pamphlet in District 6  – nothing else comes close & now I can see why.  It’s completely different than any other pamphlet I’ve read to this point.  It’s a play in 3 acts starring the following roles: The Alcoholic, The Enabler, The Victim, & The Provoker.  I won’t give away how the play ends but it reminds me that I have a choice in the role(s) I play & who I pick as my supporting cast!


**BONUS CAL QUESTION: The author of this pamphlet also contributed to another “grandfathered-in” piece of outside literature that was published 7 years earlier.  What was it?  (Hint: see item # P-7!)

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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