CAL – Just for Today Wallet Card (Item # M-10)

With the help of receiving a CAL timeline from the World Service Office, I’m returning to the literature & have some back-tracking to do

Just for Today Wallet Card - M-10 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: This wallet card has been around since 1954 & I thought given its small size, it would have less on it than the bookmark version (item # M-12), but it actually has more.  It has 2 extra sentences – one about the Seventh Tradition & the second refers to the 10 other languages it’s available in.  Hopefully there will come a day when it’s just common knowledge that our CAL will be available in ALL languages.  Where, just like that famous fast food restaurant, we can stop counting & just say “billions served.” 😄


**BONUS: The bookmark version (item # M-12), was not printed shortly after the wallet card.  It took 22 more years before it was even proposed as a project for approval!

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