CAL – Just for Today Wallet Card (Item # M-10)

Just for Today Wallet Card - M-10 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: This wallet card has been around since 1954 & I thought, given its small size, it would have less on it than the bookmark version (item # M-12), but it actually has more.  It has 2 extra sentences – one about the Seventh Tradition & the second refers to the 10 other languages it’s available in.  Hopefully there will come a day when it’s just common knowledge that our CAL will be available in ALL languages.  Where, just like that famous fast food restaurant, we can stop counting & just say “billions served.” 😄


**BONUS: The bookmark version (item # M-12), was not printed shortly after the wallet card.  It took 22 more years before it was even proposed as a project for approval!


***UPDATE (7/31/22): You can see an early version of this “Just For Today” wallet card in my video for the year 1954 from my CAL Timeline board on my “CAL Chat” Pinterest account.

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