CAL – A Guide for Sponsors of Alateen Groups (Item # P-29)

Guide for Sponsors of Alateen Groups - P-29 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Alateen started in 1957 – did I mention that already?  Well, according to the Conference Summaries from the early 60’s, Al-Anon was going through the same issues that it’s still having… the need for more Alateen group sponsors.   But back then, they had so few, that outsiders & AA members were stepping in & there was a lot of confusion about what they should be doing.  So in 1963, this pamphlet came out to state that only an Al-Anon member can be an Alateen group sponsor & it clarifies the do’s & don’ts of the position.

2. This pamphlet mentions something I never heard of, a publication called Inside Al-Anon Xtra” that featured announcements from the World Service Office.  After further research down the rabbit hole, it turns out the last regular edition was Spring 2006.  However, it now lives on as the “Inside Al-Anon Family Groups” department in The Forum magazine.  As a bonus, all of the “Inside” articles are being archived as far back as 2009 & are available to download under the Publications >> Newsletters section of Al-Anon’s Members’ Website

3. Heads up!  Per the last Fall Assembly for 2013, this is one of the pamphlets being revised this year!  It’s currently at the printers so I haven’t seen the changes yet, but once I get the new version in, I’ll post an update, so stay tuned

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