CAL – Alateen-a day at a time (Item # B-10)

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WHAT I LEARNED: 1. As of this year, 2013, this book has been around for 30 years!  It’s Alateen’s first daily reader & is very different than Alateen’s second daily reader “Living Today in Alateen” (item # B-26).  It seems it is for older teens because there are no pictures, drawings, or even quotes from other books.  It’s very straightforward & whereas the other daily reader seemed to have a “learning” theme, this one is all about the program.  In fact, the word “program” is mentioned on 213 pages – which is almost 60% of the book!

2. Here are some keywords from its index that you won’t find in any of the other daily readers: approval seeking, buying love, cliques, dreams, ego, overreacting, pity, punishing the non-alcoholic, silent treatment, taking sides, using people, & withdrawing.

3. This is the only daily reader to feature a “Notes” section of blank pages at the back.  (I wish all the others had this!  I feel like I’ll need to buy new daily readers soon because I’m running out of room for all my notes!)


**BONUS CAL QUESTION: Between all 5 daily readers, which page is probably read the least?  (Hint: it’s a date that usually occurs every 4 years  Does your daily reader have a Feb 29th?)


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***UPDATE (2/1/17): “Alateen-a day at a time” is now featured on both Episode 6 & Episode 8 of my “CAL Chat” podcast where this daily reader is discussed even further!

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