CAL – The Al-Anon Focus (Item # P-45)

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WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Originally, in 1978, this pamphlet was called “Double Winners” but was given its current title 4 years later (with the added subtitle: “For Al-Anon/Alateen Members Who Are Also Recovering Alcoholics”) to avoid giving the impression that one member was more important than another.  Although I sometimes still hear the term “Double Winners” in meetings, it’s slowly being replaced with the term “Dual Members.”

2. A good point about anonymity is brought up – that an AA member need not identify themselves as such in an Al-Anon meeting.  When a group needs to “re-focus” a meeting, this is the pamphlet they call me to get.

3. The Al-Anon focus in this case is not to be confused with its purpose (see Tradition #5).  As far as this pamphlet is concerned, “the focus is on letting go & learning another perspective” (page 2).  It’s filled with sharings written from AA members describing what Al-Anon has done for them.  During this next pamphlet’s revision, if it were up to me I would add in this wonderful line from “Discovering Choices” (item # B-30) on page 127: “My 21 years in AA have kept me alive, but my 15 months in Al-Anon have given me back my life.”


**BONUS: Two other related pamphlets to check out are: “Three Views of Al-Anon” (item # P-15) which also includes sharings from alcoholics & “Al-Anon Spoken Here” (item # P-53) which addresses outside issues.

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  1. slewriter says:

    To me, when we have someone who attends dual meetings, the group is double winners. Because we have the perspective of their having attending two groups, their wisdom is shared with all in attendance. 12 step programs are great and are life savers for all of us who attend. I thank God for Al Anon. I would not be alive today if I never would have attended.
    Thank you for sharing my friend. Bless you and peace to you as well.
    Your friend,

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