CAL – Moving On! From Alateen to Al-Anon (Item # P-59)

Moving On - P-59 thumbnail

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This is my lowest selling pamphlet.  Since December 2011, I’ve only sold a grand total of 1 — & that was at a Gratitude Dinner.  So here again I thought “Why do I need to read this?  No one else is!”  And once again, now after having read it, I feel humbled & this time “schooled” by the 7 Alateen sharings within.

2. Just from the title alone, this pamphlet is about growing up & transitioning.  I thought an Alateen member turns 19 & then boom, the next day, they start attending Al-Anon, but that’s not the case.  The sharings express that they will typically attend both Alateen & Al-Anon meetings until they’re ready to fully “graduate” out of Alateen.

3. The most important thing this pamphlet taught me is not to call them “young” or “kids” when they come into Al-Anon.  It’s demeaning because most of them have lived their whole lives with alcoholism & had to grow up fast.  (Being young is something that other people went through.)  They have their own battle scars & war stories, but the difference is that they come into the rooms of Al-Anon with tools in hand & may even already have Sponsees.  It’s not ‘Day One’ for them & I need to remember that.

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