CAL – Discovering Choices (Item # B-30)

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WHAT I LEARNED: 1. This book almost didn’t happen.  Originally, it was only supposed to be a revision to “The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage” (item # B-4), but the revisions were becoming too extensive & the focus on just marital relationships was too narrow.  So in 2001, concept approval was given to create this much larger book that includes all kinds of relationships & seven years later it was completed.

2. Of all the different types of relationships covered, this line from page 171 sums up a lot, “It is our attitudes, not our relationships, which can keep us trapped in the past.”  However, if I had to pick one recurring theme throughout the book it would be: first work on improving a relationship with a Higher Power & all the rest will follow.

3. I have 2 favorites sections:

1) Pages 141-142 – The river guide’s tips to a first-time kayaker.  Words to live by indeed!

2) Pages 268-270 – Two different members share how they personally apply the Steps, Traditions, Concepts, & even Warranties to their relationships.  It’s not often the Warranties get a shout out! Shout Out


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**UPDATE (11/11/16): “Discovering Choices” is now featured on Episode #5 of my “CAL Chat” podcast where this book is discussed even further!

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