CAL – Area Literature Coordinators (Item # G-6)

G-6 - 2011 Version
2011 Version

WHAT I LEARNED: Much like any of the guidelines that are job descriptions, I always learn that the position entails a lot more than I thought!  Area Literature Coordinators interact not just with World Service Office & LDC’s (Literature Distribution Centers – like yours truly!), but also Website Coordinators, Information Service or Intergroups, Newsletter Editors, & District Representatives.  Sounds like what I want to be when I grow up!


G-6 - Rev 2013 with highlights2013 Version

**UPDATE (5/5/17): This guideline was revised in 2013 & the changes are very minimal.  Overall, I like the new graphic design with enlarged sentences & various selections of Conference Approved Literature (CAL) appearing in color for the first time on this guideline!  Listed below are a few update examples:

      • The phrase: “sharing sheets” now says: “writing guides.” 
      • The World Service Office’s (WSO’s) website address ( now appears for the first time on this guideline at the bottom of page 2. 

My favorite line is: “Create CAL book reviews, panel discussions, inventories, workshops, displays, or newsletters.”  …As an Area Literature Coordinator myself, I decided to create a CAL podcast.  Maybe that option will be added to this particular sentence in the next revision! 😉

If you’d like to see all the changes that were made, I’ve highlighted them on this 2013 Version of G-6.


G-6 - Rev 2021 with highlights2021 Version

***UPDATE (10/13/21): This guideline has been recently revised in 2021 & the changes seem to be mostly for keeping up with the latest trends in technology.  Listed below are a few update examples:

      • All references to the Members’ website have been removed.
      • There is now a reference to digital CAL, the In The Loop” newsletter, & CAL copyrights!
      • The phrase: “writing guides” now says: “writing guidelines.” 
      • The word “district” is now capitalized.
      • The words “web site” & “e-mail” now appear as one word: “website” & “email.”
      • Both the World Service Office’s shortened website address: – without the “www” prefix oh by the way – & the email address ( now appear for the first time on this guideline at the bottom of page 2. 

It’s interesting to me that my favorite line mentioned in the review of the 2013 update (see above) still does not include the word “podcast” – in fact, in this new 2021 version the word “newsletters” at the end was removed.  Maybe it’s because a CAL newsletter from an Area Literature Coordinator might conflict with other types of newsletters that could also cover CAL updates (keep in mind Concept 10)! 😉

If you’d like to see all the changes that were made, I’ve highlighted them on this 2021 Version of G-6And a clean, unmarked electronic copy of this new 2021 version can be downloaded directly from the World Service Office website by clicking this link: G-6 Guideline

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  1. Bernie M. says:

    Hope you go out for the area position!

    1. Pat A. says:

      I’m thinking about it, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten! 🙂

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