CAL – The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage (Item # B-4)

Happy face among sad faces

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. In 1965, this book originally had the proposed title “Alcoholism & Sex.”  Two years later it came out with the current title to appeal to a wider audience.  It hasn’t been revised for 42 years & it shows.  With terms like: temptress, fellows, bulwark (I had to look this word up!), he-males (I kid you not!), & even a reference to a series of articles from The AA Grapevine, the overall tone reminded me of some discontinued literature that I’ve read recently.  I also tried to keep in mind that this is not a typical Al-Anon book that reflects a wide variety of member sharings.  In fact, it’s mostly based on conversations with only a few Delegates from a 1966 Conference (per “Many Voices, One Journey” (item # B-31) page 126).

2. All that being said, my favorite part (its saving grace in my opinion) is near the end of the book: “How the 12 Steps Apply to Marriage Problems.”  For every Step, there are 6 7 questions for self-evaluation.  If this book is ever retired, I would hope that this one particular section would live on as a pamphlet or be incorporated into other literature.


**BONUS CAL QUESTION: Rather than do extensive revisions to this book, the World Service Office decided to create an entirely new book on relationships that I enjoyed much better.  What was it?  (Hint: see item # B-30!)

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