CAL – Taking a Group Inventory (Item # G-8)

G-8 Guideline

WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Near the end of 2012, this guideline was expanded to be more inclusive of Alateen meetings & it was divided into 2 sections: G-8a which are several lists of questions, & G-8b “Methods & Reflections” – which offer “how-to” suggestions on taking the inventory & more importantly following up on the results.  It’s easy to see why this is one of my most requested guidelines!

2. After reading all the questions, there seems to be a repeating pattern of respect & service  As a group, what do we do?  What do we have?  And are we helping others by giving it away?  They also have personal questions that center around “How am I contributing?”  Back when my home group did our inventory (anonymously of course), attendance shot up because we were all curious to see what everyone else Curiosityreally thought!

**BONUS: At 4 pages long, this item is tied with “Reserve Fund Guideline” (item # G-41), but which guideline beats them all with 8 total pages?  (Hint: see item # G-34!)

G-8b updated thumbnailG-8 updated thumbnail ***UPDATE (5/5/17): This guideline was revised in 2013 & split into two separate guidelines (rather than just sections): 8a & 8b.  The updated electronic versions of these 2 guidelines can now be downloaded directly from the World Service Office website by clicking these links: G-8a Guideline & G-8b Guideline

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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