CAL – Al-Anon & Alateen’s Role in Family Recovery (Item # AV-31DVD)

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WHAT I LEARNED: 1. I didn’t go to a meeting today, but playing this DVD made me feel like I was in one & I kinda think that’s the point.  It’s an outreach DVD that brings the sensibility of a meeting to someone that hasn’t been to one.  It has 3 sections: 1) Al-Anon, 2) Alateen, & 3) Professionals.  Most groups I sell this DVD to keep one as a Master Copy to lend out to their members & I know of a few parents that give it to their kids to explain where they go every week.

2. My favorite section is the one for Professionals where they describe how a family comes into their office that has been to meetings versus one that hasn’t.  It made me think of my own family & how we would have acted had we gone to group therapy 😱AV-31DVD expanded thumbnail


**BONUS: This DVD originally came out in 2011, but subtitles in Spanish & French weren’t added until May 2013.  So if you need a subtitled version, you have to re-buy the DVD!


***UPDATE (6/29/2014): The World Service Office (WSO) has posted all the videos from this DVD onto their YouTube channel & you can click on the closed captioning feature that YouTube offers.  Feel free to forward any of these links below to anyone that you think might benefit from them:

Part 1 (Full Program): How Al-Anon Helps (11:36 mins):

Part 2 (Full Program): How Alateen Helps (10:35 mins):

Part 3 (Full Program): Professionals Discuss How Al-Anon Can Help (12:04 mins):


****DOUBLE BONUS: The links above only match the videos on my DVD from 2011, but if you’d like to go even further, there are some videos that were broken down to even smaller sections & can be found by clicking these 2 playlist links:

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