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EPISODE 10 of my “CAL Chat” podcast is now available to listen to!  What are good consequences?  Where does the fear of letting go come from?  What are literature discussions like at the World Service Conference?  (To hear this episode, please visit the show’s website at: calchatpodcast.com – or you can subscribe to it for free wherever you get your podcasts & you’ll be notified every time a new episode is posted. 📲 🔔)

How Al-Anon Works - B-22 thumbnailWendy shares, in part 1 of 4, about using the slogans from Chapter 9 of “How Al-Anon Works” (item # B-22 for hardcover, B-32 for softcover & eA-22 for the audiobook) as stepping stones to serenity & how serenity can eventually become a guiding force in our lives for making decisions.  We also look closer at “Let it Begin With Me” as not just something that we say at the end of an Al-Anon meeting or having to do with outreach.

In part 2 of 4, we focus on “Let Go & Let God” (especially the importance of faith in the 2nd half) & how a specific physical token can be used as a reminder to put this slogan into action!  I give recommendations on other CAL pieces to reference for a deeper dive into the slogans & lastly, find out why I consider slogans are similar to prismatic jewels.

Just For Today Bookmark - M-12 thumbnailThe bookmark, “Just For Today” (item # M-12), is Wendy’s favorite piece of outreach literature in part 3 of 4.  We talk about the current conversation at Al-Anon’s headquarters, the World Service Office (WSO), regarding the recommendation to remove the PRAYER FOR TODAY section.  Using pages 57 – 60 of the 2016 World Service Conference Summary (item # P-46), we explore the CAL process to remove, edit, or replace the prayer.  Wendy shares about the interaction between the Literature Committee & the World Service Conference (WSC) & how it’s important to not be afraid to have uncomfortable discussions that affect literature decisions.

Just For Today Alateen Bookmark - M-13 thumbnailIn the last part (#4), Wendy shares what she is hoping for with a new change for the upcoming 2017 World Service Conference Summary (P-46) due in August & what sets this item apart from the rest of the literature in the 2017 CAL Catalog (S-15).  She also reveals a unique location to leave the “Just For Today” bookmark that is too high of a risky spot for me.  Discover what is on the second “Just For Today” bookmark (item # M-13) & what one word on the wallet card version (item # M-11) is hidden in our literature!  Lastly, if you have an answer to the question posed at the end of this episode, please scroll to the very bottom ⬇️ of this blog post where it says “Questions or comments are always welcome!”  I look forward to seeing your comment & finding out what the answer is!


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It’s a different way to enjoy & celebrate Conference Approved Literature.  So, as always, I hope you enjoy & happy reading!

Questions or comments are always welcome!

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