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WHAT I LEARNED: 1. Lois W. & Anne B. wrote this as Al-Anon’s very first pamphlet in 1951.  Interestingly, its title used to be “Purposes & Suggestions.”  According to “The Al-Anon Family Groups (Classic Edition)” (item # B-5), the title was changed in 1976 affirming only one purpose (see Tradition 5).  Makes me curious what the other purposes were listed in this pamphlet for more than 20 years.  I’ll check to see if our District Archives Chairperson has a copy of this pamphlet in its original form, but if you have any info, please feel free to leave me a reply or comment.

2. This pamphlet is the epitome of gentle informativeness (sure that’s a real word).   No wonder that it’s the second pamphlet in the general Al-Anon Newcomer Packet (item # K-10).  (What’s the first pamphlet in the Packet?  Hint – see item # S-4!)  I think I’ll keep moving along with what else is included in the Packet because I don’t recall ever really reading through it all when I was a Newcomer!


**UPDATE: (7/1/13): As far as why the word “Purposes” was plural, there is a breakdown of Al-Anon’s original threefold purposes & a comment about their specific order of importance mentioned in “Lois Remembers” (item # B-7) – see page 189.


***UPDATE (6/8/22): You can see an early version of the “Purposes & Suggestions” pamphlet in my video for the years 1950-1951 from my CAL Timeline board on my “CAL Chat” Pinterest account.

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  1. Martha M says:

    What a coincidence…..At the Just For Today AFG Wed am mtg. our topic for the day was Tradition 5. It was mentioned that in the recent book Many Voices, One Journey (B-31), page 189 talks about when the Policy Committee made the change to that pamphlet (P-13). The Committee decided this in light of Tradition Five. Looking at the Index of the Many Voices, One Journey on Tradition Five were a few additional pages shedding some light pertaining to Tradition Five. What a fascinating book for getting a new perspective on the earlier days of Al-Anon. Thx for the opportunity to share …. Martha

    1. Pat A. says:

      Thanks! That book will be coming up soon in my list of ones to read, so I’ll be sure to check that out.

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